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Communication isn’t a one-way information dump. It’s the alchemy of deep understanding of subconscious beliefs and instinctive reactions, unique brand narratives persuasively told and meaningful conversations.

The right words tap into an audience’s mood, inform, inspire and, ultimately, move people to believe and to buy. My words have sometimes moved audiences to words. “Compelling.” “Great article!” “Brilliant.” “Profound.” “Beautifully crafted.”

10 million+
Words I have written for clients

Global communication awards

Commercials & videos written/produced

Sell more stuff

If you’re in business to sell your product or service (and most people are), why not get help from someone who’s sold a LOT of stuff for clients? Stuff like the world’s best-known alcohol brands, airlines, financial institutions, destinations, stores, technology, cars, education, clothing and entertainment.

Build your reputation

How do you build awareness online when you’re too busy working in your business? How do you write articles for trade channels when you don’t have time to write them? You call me.

The process is simple. We agree on the topics. You provide a few bullet points. I research & write. You review. I publish on your behalf.
Authority marketing clients include organisations in superannuation, technology, agriculture, tourism and a charity.

Create a persuasive website

Websites are your shop window to the world. I’ve written content for 50+ sites. (We can even design, build and manage your site via sister company, The Alder Workshop. Every active client site ranks in the top 0.3% of the world’s one billion websites.)

Website clients include retailers, tourism destinations, fintech, galleries, health & fitness clubs.

Grow your social influence

I write for (and manage) client social media pages – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. I have grown one client’s followers 400% in 12 months. Another small client’s video has been viewed a million times.

Improve your own writing

I can analyse your brand’s current communication – website, brochures, even draft copy. I’ll identify problems and suggest fixes. I’ll show you how these fixes improve readability. If you’d like me to coach your content creation team in clear language, I can do this.

For writing help, write to me