A writer who speaks?


I have spoken at venues that include the National Press Club, at major industry events such as Mumbrella360 and for individual clients such as Foxtel and Regional Development Australia.

“The memories will stay with me forever.”

“Definitely want you to present again.”

Keynote presentations

The Fine Art Of Losing Clients

(based on the book of the same name)

How the world’s great losers do it. A failsafe step-by-step guide for those without the natural gift. Every brilliant technique guaranteed to make your client walk, with spectacular examples from business.

Mass Murderer’s Guide To Killing Innovation

The worst people, the best lessons. There’s a lot you and your organisation can learn from some of the world’s most notorious serial killers.

The 10 Second Rule

Discover the instinct that stopped your ancestors from being eaten. Learn how it also stops your audience from hearing you, believing you and buying what you’re selling. Learn how to leave a positive impression in less than 10 seconds.


100 innovations in 100 minutes. Constantly refreshed with the latest examples of breakthrough retail ideas from around the world. Customised for retail, tourism, professional services, food & drink and other sectors.

Under The Influence

A company’s name influences investor confidence. A word can alter the speed at which you walk. A change of colour reduces mistakes. Holding a pencil between your teeth improves your mood. Under The Influence explores the surprising ways our behaviour is subconsciously influenced.

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