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Greg Alder speaks. Sometimes for money.

With several decades of advertising and business coaching experience, Greg has learnt a thing or two about the creative process, the value of innovation, what kills creative ideas and what ignites them.

He is often asked to share what he knows. He is often paid to share that knowledge. Sometimes he does it for free.

If your business needs a short, sharp jab, something to get you questioning ingrained practices, something to wake sleeping dogs, or maybe just something to fill a spare hour in a seminar agenda, these presentations should fit the bill.

The Mass Murderer’s Guide To Killing Innovation

The Mass Murderers Guide to InnovationAn introduction to the most popular ways to keep creativity & innovation out of your workplace.

Learn how to ensure you never come up with an original idea.

Learn how to turn your staff into brain-dead zombies.

Learn how make sure you’re never a threat to your competitors.

Learn how to make sure you never surprise your clients.

Learn how avoid being mentioned in the same breath as Steve Jobs.

Along the way, learn about some of the most unsavoury characters to have lived amongst us.

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The Fine Art of Losing Clients

The Fine Art of Losing Clients - GregAlderCoEver wonder why businesses lose customers?

Ever wonder why some business owners lose more customers than others?

Were they born with a natural gift?

Can you nurture the skills needed to lose customers?

The Fine Art of Losing Clients is a step-by-step guide to two dozen ways to get up your customer’s nose.

Implement just one of them or creatively combine several techniques and watch your customers flee in droves. Guaranteed.

Based on the upcoming book of the same title.

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How To Avoid Winning Business

Some business owners win almost every account they go after, win more tenders and pull in more customers.

Others don’t.

Clearly some business owners know a secret.

In How To Avoid Winning Business, we look at why you miss out on picking up more customers, why it’s a constant battle to stay afloat and why you’re not living a life of decadent luxury.

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How To Build A Camel

How to Build A Camel speech - Greg AlderHow To Build A Camel is for everyone whose business involves committees.

Well-meaning and democratic, committees have been responsible for some of the worst decisions in history (and plenty of non-decisions).

This presentation treads on toes, but does so delicately, exposing the common flaws (and simple remedies) associated with committees.

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Unlock Your Inner Leo

Creativity is not a gift. It is a skill. Like all skills it can be learnt. It can also be forgotten.

Inside every one of us is a Leonardo da Vinci aching to get out. He has been locked up for most of our lives.

Today more than ever, business owners want to be more creative. So where do you start? How do you Unlock Your Inner Leo? Start with this introduction to creative thinking.

Learn how creativity solves unsolved business problems, reveals unseen opportunities and puts business in a better position.

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The Ten Second Rule

Ten Second Rule speech - Greg AlderWithin ten seconds of meeting someone, you have decided whether you like or dislike them.

You’re not aware of this, because that assessment happens subconsciously.

When you like someone, you will find evidence that supports your positive feeling.

When you dislike someone, you only see evidence that reinforces your negativity.

Once you have formed an opinion, whether positive or negative, you don’t easily change your mind.

When someone first comes in contact with your brand, they make a similar, fast, subconscious assessment of it.

If they like what they see, they hang around.

They buy what you’re selling.

They tell their friends about you.

They become powerful disciples for your brand.

And that’s something you cannot buy.

So how do you build a likeable brand that customers will want to hang out with?

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That’s Impossible

Ever been in a brainstorming session that hurt?

Ever spent time trying to come up with new ideas for business but you kept rehashing the same old ideas?

Ever wondered how some businesses keep coming up with amazing stuff whilst you struggle?

What you need is something to get the ideas flowing.

What you need is That’s Impossible.

Once you have been introduced to That’s Impossible, you will never struggle to come up with outrageously good ideas ever again.

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How To Be Invisible

The Internet is no place for the timid.

Stand quietly in the corner of cyberspace and nobody will see you.

If nobody sees you, nobody will buy from you. If nobody buys from you, you go out of business.

Simple as that.

So what are the things guaranteed to make you invisible on the Internet?

More importantly, what can you do to get noticed?

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Man Gives Birth to Bear

Man gives birth to bear - The Bundy Bear Campaign - Greg AlderThe Bundy Bear campaign was created in 1994.

It was launched with a TV commercial, promotions and bear-branded merchandise.

In the first month of the campaign, $100,000 of bear-branded Bundy merchandise was sold.

Within 6 months, the owners of Bundaberg Rum had a database of 70,000 Bundy drinkers.

Within a year Bundaberg Rum had become the biggest selling dark spirit in Australia.

Sales grew 14% at a time when spirit sales fell 5%.

What can you learn from the father of the Bundy R Bear campaign that you can apply to your own business?

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100 x 100

100 retail innovations in 100 minutes.

This is an ever-changing showcase of the latest and greatest innovations in retailing.

It covers retail space.

It covers software.

It covers social media.

It covers manufacturing.

It covers distribution.

It has inspired retailers all over the country and of all sizes.

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We definitely want to have him present again.
- Australian Marketing Institute, ACT Australia

Australian Marketing Institute (ACT)
National Press Club, November 2012

The Australian Marketing Institute Council (ACT) sought to have a local event for marketing communication staff in the ACT.  We contacted Greg Alder, a known branding expert with international experience, and sought his involvement in delivering the event.  We appreciated the opportunity to work with Greg in the lead up to the event so he was able to tailor his presentation for the audience.

The event was held at the National Press Club in November 2012 and it was a sold-out with over 120 in attendance.

Greg gave us an engaging presentation on the value of brands and how to develop a brand DNA. He left us with a brand DNA template to adapt to our own brand as the ‘takeaway’.

Greg included examples from many famous companies and iconic brands he has worked with in Australia, North and Central America and Asia Pacific.  These brands include Kraft, Bundaberg Rum, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Nokia and Toyota.

Greg had a high level of professionalism and energy.  The feedback from the audience especially from the younger marketers identified Greg’s presentation as the most entertaining, useful and current.

Comments from the audience included:
“I liked that Greg didn’t have slides that were full of information, which enabled the audience to listen to what he was saying.”
“He was engaging, the content was relevant and he was very entertaining.”
“He was fantastic and I would definitely want to have him present again, or to see him present elsewhere. I am now really enjoying his newsletters.”
Testimonial provided by Judy Tier, Omania Terry and Tiffany King on behalf of the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI).