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Greg Alder Co was created in 2011. However, it has been forty years in the making.

Over those forty years, we somehow managed to get a reputation for powerful branding, effective communications and inspiring corporate coaching for clients in Australia, Asia, the UK, USA, Mexico and South America.

Our structure

We run lean.

We tailor a team for each client’s needs, drawing on a network of celebrated specialists in design, coaching psychology, art direction, film production, radio production, gamifacation, app development, virtual technology, event management and media strategy, amongst others.

Our network partners are based in New York, Melbourne, San Francisco, Sydney, London and elsewhere.

We work without borders.

Our Services

  • Coaching – our workshops cover branding, business creativity, innovation, leadership and career development.
  • Branding – from developing a brand’s DNA, to logo design and multi-media campaigns, from strategy to execution.
  • Communications – creative direction, communications strategy, marketing campaigns, interactive programs, social media management and videos, television, radio, outdoor.
  • Websites – design, construction, content generation, hosting and management.
  • Events – from concept to program planning.

Our People

CEO and Creative Director

Greg has been told more than once that his voice is very calming. Having a calming voice would be invaluable if Greg were a counsellor.

Fortunately, Greg has also been described as inspirational, knowledgeable, engaging, humourous, thought-provoking and ‘an economic stimulus on two legs’.

Greg has been passing on knowledge to anyone who’ll listen for several decades. First, as one of the original lecturers of AWARD School for up-and-coming advertising writers and art directors. More recently, conducting workshops and delivering speeches around the world.

Greg is a former student of architecture and psychology. He worked in marketing research before the bright lights of advertising beckoned. He has worked as a copywriter and creative director in advertising agencies in Australia, the UK and Mexico.

Greg teaches clients to innovate, present memorably, write persuasively, build powerful brands and gain valuable insights into their audience.

He helps clients create products, create businesses, expand their businesses, find their market, go to market and dominate the market.

As well as teaching business owners how to win clients, Greg has written a book to help them keep clients.

CIO and Business Director

Greg might be the organisation’s Creative Director, but Sharon is its heart, engine room, soul and brains. She is part account manager, part business manager and part whip wielder.

In other words, the business simply wouldn’t function without her.

Sharon’s background includes corporate affairs, retail fashion management, advertising account management and restaurant management.

Management is the operative word.

As well as managing Greg, Sharon manages the entire business that is GregAlderCo and heads up The Alder Workshop.

She is responsible for the concept of GregAlderCo, as well as this website. She has constructed websites for diverse businesses that include a gymnasium, a fishing lure manufacturer, a shopping centre, an innovation hub, a tourism operator, a cosmetic surgery and a Federal Government digital business education program.

Sharon hasn’t found a deadline she cannot meet, hasn’t found a client whose needs she cannot anticipate and hasn’t found a technical problem she cannot overcome.

Our Partners

As Steven Johnson points out in his excellent Where Good Ideas Come From, every great innovation of the past 200 years is the result of collaboration.

We are big believers in collaboration.

With experience, you get to know who the really clever people are, people who aren’t simply good at their chosen crafts, but are inspiring people to work with. When we tailor a team to suit a client’s requirements, more often than not we will draw on this inner sanctum of valued partners.


One of the truths in life is that it isn’t fair. There are people who, through pure circumstance or misfortune, are worse off than others.

We cannot do as much as we would like to help those who need help. But we do what we can.

Charities we support:

  • WorldVision
  • CanTeen
  • Starlight Children’s Foundation
  • World Wildlife Fund


No business can be too creative or too successful.

Most businesses today have fine-tuned their processes, their policies, their products, their services and their staff wellbeing programs.

What’s missing – in virtually every company – is a finely tuned creativity and innovation culture.

That’s a shame. No, it’s more than a shame. It’s negligent. If creativity and innovation were made corporate policy, then some remarkable things would happen:

  • The organisation would invent better processes.
  • Corporate policies would be dramatically improved.
  • The company would create some unimagined new products.
  • There would be a raft of ideas for improving the organisation’s services.
  • The organisation would find it easier to recruit and retain the best people.
  • Staff wellbeing – and productivity – would improve.
  • And finally, the organisation’s value would increase.

In other words, creativity would improve every other aspect of business.

These aren’t fanciful promises. Each of these outcomes is a documented benefit of creativity.

Our workshops have an emphasis on creativity. But we cover a lot more.


  • Big Brand Theory
  • BrandReBoot



Workshops on leadership, presentation skills, pitching for business, digital marketing, marketing writing and social media.

I have attended so many sessions Greg, but have carried your words back with me like nobody else's. Your sessions were empowering. Quite envy those who are getting the opportunity now. How I wish I could sneak into some of these sessions now. - Sayema Rahman, RJ, Radio Mirchi, New Delhi India

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