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Ideas are bulletproof. That’s the good news.

The bad news? An idea has no value until it is implemented.

Each of us has had great ideas, but failed to act on them.

We’re too busy.

We don’t know where to start.

We lack the skills or the money for development.

What if you could change all that?

What if experts could assess your idea’s feasibility for a few hundred dollars?

What if you could master simple tools and techniques to speed the innovation process?

What if you could learn how to assemble the dream project team?

Well, guess what. You can – and it’s easier than you might imagine.

Innovation Express

The Innovation Express workshop

Accelerated innovation workshop

Who it’s for

Business leaders looking to get disruptive innovations to market faster, easier and with confidence in the outcome.

Why it’s needed

In recent workshops and seminars I have asked audiences to raise their hands if they’ve ever had what they thought was a great new business idea. Encouragingly, most people raise their hands.

I next ask how many of them developed their ideas. Sadly, very few hands are raised when I ask this question.

Next I ask how they felt when someone else developed an idea similar to theirs – and made a fortune. The responses range from regret to bitterness and anger.

So how do you get from an original idea to a disruptive, moneymaking innovation?

You follow a simple process:

The Workshop

The Innovation Express is designed to help you turn creative ideas into innovative outcomes through validation and implementation. And to show how an organisation can develop a culture of innovation that improves its productivity and its edge over competitors.

You will learn:

  • The relationship between creativity and innovation
  • Types and functions of innovation and the exploitation of knowledge
  • From ideas to implementation – tools to evaluate & prioritise ideas and accelerate the innovation process
  • Responsibility, accountability and getting things done
  • Why innovation sometimes fails – and what to do about it
  • How to develop a culture of innovation

Workshop Enquiries

The GO Button

GregAlderCo - The Go Button

Innovation feasibility assessment

Innovation often demands a big investment of time and money. Obviously before you commit to either, it would be good to be confident that this investment will be worth it.

The Go Button is perhaps the best investment an innovator can make. It works like this:

Tell us (in confidence – we’re happy to sign an NDA) about your idea. We’ll ask a series of questions to ensure we fully understand your idea. We then ask our researchers to run some numbers, do some exploring and undertake some checks.

  • Analyse the innovative aspects of the technology & the science behind the idea
  • Analyse the patent scope landscape, mining a database of 66 million worldwide patents
  • Analyse intellectual property data and identify similar patents
  • Create a semantic map of related products
  • Analyse income and profitability of businesses operating in the proposed field
  • Track investment in the proposed field as an indication of industry maturity
  • Analyse the competitive landscape
  • Mine relevant industry reports
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis
  • Supply comprehensive references, and relevant associations & events
  • Provide a summary

Have a look at a sample report here.

The Imagineering Lab

Innovation Incubation Program

Innovation is more than giving someone the title of Director of Innovation. It is a commitment that starts with an idea that then has to be nurtured to fruition.

Many business owners simply cannot make that commitment. They are so busy taking care of business, that they just can’t devote time to getting and developing that big idea that will bring them closer to their big hairy audacious goal.

Even if they could find the time, they’re too aware of the impediments to successfully launching a game-changing innovation.

Every innovation must be guided past the objections of those keen to maintain the status quo. Every stage of its development must be carefully planned. Co-creators with the right skills and passion must be brought on board. The Imagineering Lab is a mentored start-to-finish innovation incubation program.

The program

The Imagineering Lab is designed to help you create innovations. And to show how an organisation can develop a culture of Innovation that improves its productivity and its edge over competitors.

What we do:

  • Competency analysis to identify your business’s particular strengths
  • Opportunity spotting – we examine audience needs, market gaps, opportunities to reapply existing technology & knowledge
  • Idea generation using associational thinking techniques
  • Idea evaluation and prioritization
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Brain Bank – assemble the perfect project team
  • Project management – assign responsibility and accountability, set project milestones, maintain communications channels
  • Branding, communications strategy and launch campaign if required

Greg is an idea generator, an economic stimulus on two legs, a nurturer of brand development – all in all – an invaluable business resource and partner. Via thought provoking idea generation workshops, well planned action planning advices – Greg brings ideas to life – the holy grail – innovation in action. - Derek Tink, New South Wales Business Chamber, New England / North West, Tamworth Australia