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We’re motivated by basic needs, such as companionship, shelter and self-esteem.

We’re plagued by fears – of death, poverty, loneliness, public speaking.

We’re more open to messages from those we like than those we don’t.

We respond positively to those who show an interest in us.

We feel a connection with those whose values match our own.

What we feel and what we say aren’t always the same.

These are all deep human truths.

To communicate with any audience, we need to gain insight into relevant deep human truths.

Then we can craft our messages accordingly to create an emotional connection.

Deep Human Truth

GregAlderCo - Deep Human Truth Workshop

Audience insights workshop

In a world in which it’s increasingly difficult to differentiate your business by product uniqueness, price or service, emotional connectivity has become critical to securing a competitive advantage.

When all other things are equal, people will choose you because they like your brand, its personality, its values, its language and, most important of all, feel that your brand understands them better than others do.

To achieve this understanding, you need insight into the deep human truths that motivate the thoughts and actions of your audiences.

For this, you need Deep Human Truth.

Who it’s for

Every organisation that has a need to communicate with an audience, to engage them, not simply talk at them.

How it works

We peel back the layers used to mask true feelings. For every statement, we question why someone would say this. For every action, we search for the motive. Our goal is to unearth potent insights that allow us to create communication campaigns, social media strategies and websites that engage with our clients’ audiences.

The workshop

The Deep Human Truth workshop helps you engage with your audiences at a deep emotional level.

You will learn:

  • What deep human truths are and their role in communication
  • How to identify deep human truths behind existing communications
  • Techniques to uncover potent insights hiding behind bald facts
  • How to express an insight for maximum effectiveness in communication
  • The role of global truths, local truths and future truths
  • To leverage this knowledge to make strong emotional connections with your audiences

Workshop Enquiries

Communications Strategy and Execution

Rule one of any brand communications: Get noticed. Rule two: Be relevant. Rule three: Evoke a response.


Rule one of any brand communications: Get noticed.

Rule two: Be relevant.

Rule three: Evoke a response.

None of these rules sounds difficult, does it?

None of them is difficult – on its own.

However, all of them are difficult to achieve together.

It really is quite hard to create something that gets noticed (for the right reasons), is relevant (to your audience and your brand) and evokes the desired response.

Strategy & process

  • We analyse your brand. If the brand image is hazy, we work with you to define it. We might suggest a Brand DNA program. This will become the blueprint for all communications.
  • We identify the competition – not just the obvious ones offering similar products and services, but the other things that discretionary money might be spent on.
  • We take the time to examine your audiences – to understand the deep human truths that motivate them.
  • We write a communications brief, so there’s no ambiguity about what we need to communicate to whom and what we want to achieve.
  • We are strong believers in keeping things simple. We assemble a creative team as appropriate to each project, drawing on a rich pool of specialists around the world.

Have a communications need that needs talking about? It costs nothing to chat.

Creative Direction

Creative Directors used to exist only in ad agencies.

Toward the end of the millennium, fashion houses had started calling their head designers Creative Directors.

Today, many organisations have a Creative Director on staff, someone to guide the organisation’s branding, product design and communications.

However not every business needs or can afford a fulltime Creative Director.

Sometimes a business just needs an expert on tap to help shape its creative future.

Clients of GregAlderCo have the opportunity to tap into the mind of someone who has been Creative Director on iconic brands for multinational clients around the world.

Businesses get more expertise than they could afford to hire full time.

They get the same expertise enjoyed by major corporations such as Toyota, Kellogg’s, Diageo, Coca-Cola and Frito-Lay.

Talk to Greg about your organisation’s creative direction.


Website design and Digital Strategy

GregAlderCo - Website design

What would you say makes a good website?

One that potential customers can find?

One that is well written?

One where the services are clearly explained?

One where the products are well photographed?

One that’s easy to navigate?

One with striking and original design?

Nine out of ten websites fail at least one of these prerequisites.

Worse, most are invisible. And if the website is invisible, so too is the business.

To be brutally honest, many websites are a waste of money, even if they seemed good value at the time. Little thought has gone into their design. The language, imagery, typography and colours are inconsistent with brand DNA, corporate ID and personality.

A shame, because creating a striking, effective website is not difficult. At any budget.

Talk to Greg about enhancing your organisation’s web presence.

Social Profile Management and Audience Engagement


GregAlderCo - Social Media

Social media is so deeply embedded in our consciousness that it’s easy to forget how young the category is – and how far it has come.

From a medium for off-campus networking (Facebook), social media has exploded in popularity and influence.

Here’s a short list of what social media can do for businesses today:

  • Help you engage with customers and influencers
  • Help you earn the trust of potential customers
  • Help you find staff
  • Help you get feedback from customers
  • Help you share stories, photos and videos of your products
  • Help you spread news of flash sales and local offers
  • Help celebrate your customers and how they use your products
  • Help you raise money
  • Help you share photos and videos of staff events
  • Help you engage with other experts in your field
  • Help you share news that your customer will find valuable

We advise clients on the best social media to achieve their brand vision and objectives. We design and manage the social media activities of clients across all popular platforms.

Talk to Greg about integrating social media into your organisation’s communications.

Greg has the ability to create dynamic and interesting themes that meet and exceed the objectives of a brief. He takes the time to understand the subject area and industry, which can often be described as 'dry, traditional and conservative in nature', and produces results that create the desired cut-through, awareness building and response to the call to action.
- Marc Wanstall, Governance Institute of Australia