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Brand Transformation

A strong brand makes identification simple.

A strong brand attracts customers.

A strong brand attracts the best staff.

A strong brand facilitates expansion into new markets or categories.

A strong brand commands a premium price.

A strong brand is durable.

A strong brand is forgiven the occasional mistake.

A strong brand has financial value.

So, what can we tell you about building a strong brand?

Big Brand Theory

Big Brand Theory Workshop

Best brand practice workshop

The branding rules apply whether you’re building a multinational brand or a local niche brand, a company brand, a product brand or a personal brand.

Who it’s for

Major corporations, NFPs, SMEs, governments and individuals – anyone with a product, a service, a career and an audience.

How we help

Learn the branding techniques of some of the world’s most recognised brands – and learn how to apply them to your brand.

The workshop

Big Brand Theory is an intensive full day branding workshop that starts by analysing the branding secrets of a number of famous businesses. How have they created their brands? How has the brand influenced store location, product design, recruitment policies and service delivery? How have they become the icons they are today?

Most of the cases we review are successes. Some are failures. To build an enduring, distinctive, valuable brand, it’s helpful to understand why the best brands are so good – and why others missed the boat.

In the second part of the workshop we apply these big brand ideas to building powerful brands for any business or person.

You will learn:

  • To identify your key audiences and understanding the role of branding for each
  • The benefits of branding in attracting and keeping customers, expanding product range and markets
  • The durability and financial value of a strong brand
  • The 8 Pillars of Branding – with famous examples of each
  • The basic ingredients of a successful brand
  • How the big guys do it – lessons, both good and bad, from some iconic brands around the world

Workshop Enquiries


BrandReBootBrand DNA program

BrandReBoot is a simple program for creating a powerful and unique brand expression for any brand, including brand you.

Who it’s for

Everyone with a name and an audience – major corporations, NFPs, SMEs, governments and individuals.

The process:

  • Complete an initial DNA questionnaire online
  • Draft DNA prepared
  • Review and refine your DNA in a half day workshop
  • Once agreed, your revised DNA is completed
  • This then becomes your brand bible

What we cover:

  • Your staff’s and your customers’ emotional connection with your brand
  • Your audiences beyond the numbers – how to bring them to life by telling their stories
  • What business you’re in – and it’s rarely what you think it is
  • What categories you could enter in the future
  • You brand’s personality, attributes, benefits and values
  • Your vision for your brand – most people think too small, too safe, too easy to achieve
  • Your brand DNA, the essence of everything above expressed in a few potent words
  • Your elevator pitch – how to tell your brand story in 15 seconds in a way that begs your audience to know more

Greg's grasp of the business issues and how that drives his creative solutions is the thing I respect most about Greg's work.
- Ben Ball, former Marketing Director Pepsico Foods International, Sydney Australia