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Creative Direction


In the old days, the only place you found Creative Directors was in ad agencies (or, if you watch Mad Men, in bars and beds). Toward the end of the millennium, fashion houses had started calling their head designers Creative Directors. Even so, Creative Directors were still quite rare.

Then something happened.

Today, it seems that every company worth its salt has a Creative Director on staff, someone to guide the organisation’s branding, product design and communications.

However not every business needs or can afford a fulltime Creative Director. Sometimes a business just needs an expert on tap to help shape its creative future.

Clients of GregAlderCo have the opportunity to tap into the mind of someone who has been Creative Director on iconic brands for multinational clients around the world. These clients might own smaller niche brands – brands that aren’t as well known as McDonalds, but are every bit as important to their owners.

Businesses get more expertise than they could afford to hire full time.

They get the same expertise enjoyed by major corporations such as Toyota, Kellogg’s, Diageo, Coca-Cola and Frito-Lay.

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“Greg was an exceptional creative director and provided PKF with top notch advertising solutions. He was very well respected amongst our team and always delivered great concepts that had differentiation, creativity and exceptionally intelligent relevance to our advertising needs.”

Zoe Edler, formerly PKF, Sydney Australia