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Recent research reveals something quite sad about our creativity. Two researchers went into schools and asked classes of 6-year-olds if they considered themselves to be creative. Every kid raised his or her hand.

The researchers then asked 7-year-olds. Most kids raised their hands. But not all.

The researchers continued, asking progressively older kids the same question. By the time they got to 14-year-olds, only one in three still considered themselves creative.

The fact is that we are all born with the potential to be really creative and inventive, but over time we lose the skills to think creatively and we lose the belief in our own creativity.

Creativity and innovation aren’t just buzzwords in business today. Sir Ken Robinson calls creativity THE essential skill for the 21st century. In two recent surveys, 6500 CEOs nominated creativity and innovation as the skill most critical to business success.

Rediscover your creativity and learn to apply it – at work, in play, in sport, in life.


The Workshop


Unlock Your Inner Leo is a workshop designed to help your unleash the creative genius that lurks within.


You will learn:


  • The benefits of creativity on your productivity, innovation and happiness
  • Your brain and how ideas happen – why you get ideas in the middle of the night
  • You versus Leonardo – isolation versus collaboration
  • Creativity killers – the barriers that stop your creative self
  • Creative fire-starters – techniques to (re)ignite your creative self
  • How to run your own future sessions to generate ideas to address any business problem


The workshop is presented in 8-hour and 4-hour versions. It’s suitable for up to 30 people – or as few as 2.

“The memories of your incredible workshop will stay with me forever. I felt a million feet tall, and completely worthy of being in a creative field.”

Pranita Rajan, formerly Executive Producer, Radio Mirchi, Mumbai India